Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story.

Jillian McCormack

Main Characters..

The main characters are Jacob (Genyek) Alex, and Mela Roslan. Jacob is a Jewish boy who is taken in by the Roslan family so that the Nazi's would not take him to a forced labor camp or a death camp, like Auschwitz. Alex and Mela Roslan are a married couple that have two children and they both risk their lives and their childrens lives to keep Jacob safe. Alex had changed Jacobs name to Genyek to hide Jacobs tue identity. Mela was very scared to have Genyek living in her home because if they were reported then it would have been the end of the Roslan family but Alex managed to keep the family togeher and get though it.


In 1942 the Nazi's were in complete control and were forcing the Jewish to camps or ghettos all over Europe. A young boy named Jacob was forced to live in a ghetto with his Grandmother and Aunt Hannah. Jacob's father left him and Jacobs mother died while giving birth to David one of Jacobs brothers. Jacob's Aunt Hannah wanted to do what she thought was best for him so Jacob was sent to go stay with a Polish family, the Roslan family. The Roslans cared for Jacob deeply and they treated him as if he was their own child. Jacob was kept safe and healthy just like Aunt Hannah asked of them to do.


Alex and Mela Roslan risked their lives and their childrens lives. Alex and Mela decided to take Jacob in and care for him when they knew how dangerous it was. Alex and Mela Roslan did not want to be rewarded for taking care of Jacob because they knew it was the right thing to do and just having Jacob in their lives was rewarding enough. The Roslan did not only help out Jacob they also decided to take in Jacobs little brother David as well and when Jacob was sick they did what they could to get Jacob in to see a doctor and get taken care of. Also when the Nazi's were getting suspicious they moved to a smaller but safer home and decided to adopt Jacob and David.

" We're happy to have you here."

Marishka was happy to have Jacob living with them, which helped Jacob

because he was scared to go to a new home.