Math Empowers 3

Middletown Township Public Schools

Third Grade - 1st Quarter 2016-2017


Another great "dessert" website for students!

Do your students struggle with their basic facts? Try Arcademic Skill Builders! “Arcademic Skill Builders tap into the excitement of video games to engage today’s students and help develop their 21st Century Skills.” Simply have your students go to select their grade level and focus. The quick game will help improve their mathematical performance by increasing time on task, increasing student motivation and engagement and increasing corrective feedback. Automaticity and fluency will improve, thus positively impacting retention, endurance and application. And the best part, it’s free! Canoe Puppies for double digit addition is a favorite in third grade!

Help your students make sense of math.

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Melanie Tindall

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Lincroft Elementary School

River Plaza Elementary School