Jean Piaget

The Cognitive Psychologist

What did Jean Piaget do?

In 1920 Jean Piaget, was employed in the Binet institute. His job included him developing the French versions if questions on English intelligence tests. We worked with Théodore Simon at the Alfred Binet Laboratory in Paris to evaluate the results of reasoning tests that Simon had designed. The tests were meant to measure child intelligence and draw connections between a child’s age

What did he find out about child intelligence?

Piaget’s main focus was studying and observing the mental ability of a child and their capability. Piaget focused on how children thought remarkably different compared to adults. He studied on the behaviours of children though observation which led him into concluding and having a final theory that indicated the way children think and take certain judgment is guided by a process and divided into stages. He claims that children are not capable of undertaking certain tasks until they reach a specific age and adulthood.

His school of though

Jean Piaget focused on the cognitive and behavioral side of psychology. Cognitive psychology is the study of the mental processes. Piaget was intrigued with the thinking processes of children to find out the reasons why children gave their wrong answers on logical thinking questions.

Contribution to Psychology

Piaget was the first to make a systematic study of cognitive development. Before Piaget’s work, the understanding of the thinking of children was that they were just not as good at thinking as adults. Piaget was able to prove that young children think in different ways compared to adults.