The Missional Church

Spring 2016 Online


It is my prayer that your journey through this course will be transformative and highly applicable to your leadership in your local church, faith community, or organization. Much of the content you will review and experiences you will encounter through this course have been transformative in my own life, so I’m excited to see how they might be transformative in yours as well.

My first five years of ministry were spent while operating under the attractional church paradigm, serving at a large church in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. After having a momentous paradigm shift in my understanding of church and my personal call to mission, I have spent the last six years operating under the missional church paradigm - studying it, experimenting in it, and exposing others to it. While I do not agree with every single thing written or said about the emerging missional paradigm for church and mission, I have undeniably been changed for the better by critically applying a missional paradigm to my leadership in my local context. I am praying your experience in this course will allow you to do the same critical application that was so transformative for me.

Please start by completing the Jessup Online Student Orientation. Next, make sure to download the course syllabus and read through it carefully. Also, don’t forget to tell us a little bit about yourself in the Introductions Forum, being sure to tell us about your leadership in the church, faith community, or organization.

I pray the Lord be with you as you embark on this learning journey.


Dr. Scott Nelson