Missoula 3rd Ward Relief Society

October 2012 Bulletin


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  • Congratulations to Tara Werner on the birth of her daughter Ava born Oct. 1

October Activities

Oct. 16 (Tuesday) 8:30 -9:30 pm: Volleyball @ South Ave Building
Oct. 18 (Thursday) 6pm: Ward Cannery Night @ Bishop's Storehouse (6200 Industrial Way)
Oct. 20 (Saturday) 2 pm: Baby Shower for Larrisa Huntington
@ Katrina Wilson's home (1900 S. 3rd St W #7) -- it's a boy :)
Oct. 21 (Sunday) 10 am: Stake Conference @ the Stake Center (3201 Bancroft St)
TBA: Ward Halloween Party

Looking Ahead...
Nov. 10 (Saturday) 10am - 1pm: Super Saturday/Elves (Craft) Day
Dec. 11 (Tuesday): Annual Ornament Exchange

October Birthdays

Be sure to wish these ladies a wonderful birthday!

Oct. 2: Jennifer McBride
Oct. 8: Kimberly Force
Oct. 9 Susan Mathis
Oct. 12: Patsy Ramey
Oct. 15: Debbie Bergman
Oct. 16: Diane Thompson
Oct. 18: Ilene Hilbert
Oct. 19: Kimberly Glennon
Oct. 20: Brenda Nortome
Oct. 22: Heather Cahoon
Oct. 23: Kayla Brewer
Oct. 25: Caroline Campbell
Oct. 26: Maryjo Moss
Oct. 27: Christa Shaw
Oct. 28: Roberta Mistrick
Oct. 29: Anna Shay Williams

Visiting Teaching Message

This month's message focuses on Honoring Our Covenants.
  • How do my covenants strengthen me?
  • How am I helping the sisters I watch over to keep their covenants

Access the October Visiting Teaching Message @ www.reliefsociety.lds.org

The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints (on South Ave)

3rd Ward Relief Society Contacts:

President: Tiffany Gardanier, 396-6560
1st Counselor: Patty Nord, 549-2693
Secretary: Carolyn Scott, 546-9969