RA/RD Picnic

Tuesday, May 3, at 6 pm

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RA/RD Picnic at the Hannah's

Tuesday, May 3rd, 6pm

2541 Lithia Valley Road, Factoryville, PA, United States

Driving Directions (don't follow your gps!)

  1. Make a left turn out of campus.
  2. Turn right at the end of Venard.
  3. At the first traffic light, turn left onto Grove Street.
  4. At the next traffic light, turn right onto State Street.
  5. Continue on State Street (which is also 6 & 11) for a few miles towards Factoryville and Keystone College.
  6. Look for the Dalton Do It center on the right. You cannot miss this building--it is big and orange. (Approximately 7 minutes from the edge of town)
  7. Once you pass the Do It Center, look for a large white building on the left (LaCoe Butcher Shop) at a cross road only ½ mile or so from the Do It Center.
  8. Right before the big white building, make a left hand turn onto LaPlume Road.
  9. Stay on LaPlume Road until it ends (approx. 1 mile). The road will end in a T.
  10. At the stop sign turn right, then take the first left onto Lithia Valley Road.
  11. The Hannah's home is the 5th house on the right. The box number is 2541, and it is a tan house with blue shutters.

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What am I supposed to bring?

Lady RD's: s'mores

Men RD's: chips & drinks

Everyone: bring a lawn chair if you have one

If it rains, we will move the event to the Rec Center, but its still looking like clear weather for tomorrow evening.

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