Gavin Johnson

parts of Christianity

The god to all 3 religions are for Christians is called the Trinity, the Judaism is called Yahmeth, and the common figure For Islam is called Alan.the common figure for all 3 religions are the same the God Of Abraham.The followers of Christianity are called Christians. The central teachings of Christianity are that Jesus Christ died on the cross to remove all of our sins; our poor choices, The Holy Trinity Christians believe in one God. They see God as three beings in one—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. is union of three beings in one God is known as the Trinity, The next central teaching is called the central communion at the Last Supper—Jesus’s last meal with his followers before the Romans arrested him. He gave bread to his disciples, saying, “This is my body.” He poured them wine, saying, “This is my blood.” He told them to practice this sacrament in remembrance of him, The final One is called Sabbath Most churches hold their worship services on Sunday. That is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead. of the Christian sacraments is called baptism it uses water to mark entry into a church. A place of warship is called a church, the head of the church is called a pastor.The major holy days/ holidays are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is celebrating the day Jesus Christ was born ( December 25th). Easter celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection 3 days after he died on the cross to remove everyone's sins. Jerusalem is a holy site because Jesus Christ died on the cross in Jerusalem.