The Good Life Challenge 2022

10 Days to Improve Your Health

January 10th - 19th

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2022 Challenge Details

This year we want you to share the message of eating more plants. Ask a friend, a family member who struggles with weight or chronic disease. Or maybe it is someone who just wants to be healthier. Things are easier when you do it together. Who doesn't want to be healthier and live longer. So share this newsletter with friends and family whether they live in the same town, in a different state or across the country! Just click on the social media links at the top of the newsletter to share.

What You Can Expect

Once the challenge begins you will receive daily newsletters with recipes, success stories, cooking videos and the science supporting this way of eating. So join us!

You can do anything for just 10 days!

The Guidelines

Guidelines of The Good Life Challenge

What you will avoid for the 10 days

All meat ( beef, poultry, pork and fish)

All dairy and eggs

All highly processed foods


Smoothies, alcohol, juice and soda

Added sugar and salt

What you will enjoy

All fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes

Greens at every meal (3-­6 servings a day)

Whole grain breads

Whole grain pastas (brown rice pastas are excellent)


Drink lots of water

Unsweetened tea, coffee without sweeteners and without processed creamers

Keep to a minimum

Nuts, seeds and nut butters

(Limit nuts to 1 tablespoon on your oats or salads or use in sauce recipes. Do not consume nut or nut butters otherwise)

Dried Fruit

(Do not eat as a snack but use as a sweetener)


(1⁄4 avocado is one serving. Limit to 1 serving a day)

Give yourself the gift of 10 days to show you how good health tastes and feels. After the 10 days you can use these guidelines to keep going on your plant based journey. This is not a diet, but a way of life.

Our recipes include items like tofu, tempeh and soy curls which is different than previous challenges.

For Delicious Meals

For those that struggle in the kitchen or too busy to cook please consider our friends at Sweetpea Plant Based Kitchen. Their food is delicious and nutritious.

Not required, but a great place to ask us questions and to get further information now and during the challenge. Eat Plants Love Facebook Group
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A New Book!

We created a new book this year over 200 pages with recipes shared by past participants as well as recipes we created just for the challenge. My wife, Shari and I (Doug Schmidt), worked all spring and summer to add to our existing recipes to support you with nutritious and delicious recipes while you take on this challenge. We are using the same challenge guidelines as we did this past year, and also incorporated new recipes to make plant based eating more sustainable beyond the challenge.
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Who Are We?

Doug, a veteran teacher, suffered a widowmaker heart attack at age 49. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life on medications, he sought answers. After finding the book, “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, he changed his lifetime of eating habits. He lost 60 pounds and ran his first marathon at age 58. Doug now leads the annual “Good Life Challenge” for teachers and staff for over 75 school districts and small businesses in New York. The challenge helps educate people about the benefits of plant based nutrition and was featured on Good Morning America: Doug, and his wife, Shari manage the Facebook group, Eat Plants Love, sharing their knowledge and expertise.

“Eat Plants Love - Recipes for a Good Life”, was their first cookbook.

Doug has a Masters in Special Education and has completed the Rouxbe Plant Based Professional Certification. He was formerly a professional baker who worked for one of the most prestigious grocery chains in America as their bakery trainer. Shari has her Plant Based Certification from E-Cornell. They are both trained C.H.I.P ( Complete Health Improvement Program) facilitators.

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