Amazon Jungle

Survival Guide - Jill Justice

Climate and Geology

The Amazon Jungle is located in Brazil, South America. The annual temperature is about 80.7 degrees Fahrenheit, and a range of about 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit a year, rarely reaching higher temperatures than 91.4 F. The climate is a tropical forest.
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Survival Steps - Follow or Die

1. Don't panic, search plane wreckage for food, and valid materials such as a knife.

2. Cover your skin, you'll need to be protected from insect bits and scratches.

3. Get water, try to boil the water to filter it.

4. Wear waterproof shoes, or plastic bags on your feet to much moisture can kill.

5. Head downhill, water is usually downhill, and with water... civilization.

6. Leave a trail with something bright and noticeable.

7. Find or build a shelter.

8. Eat only familiar berries, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Get coconuts, squash, cucumber, cashews, peanuts, and citrus fruits, all things that are plentiful in the amazon.

Animals in Amazon

Jaguar is a big threat, and could be a food source.

Anacondas can most definitely harm you, and could be a food source.

Amazon Pink River Dolphin is not a threat, but is endangered, could be used as a food source.

Amazon Plants

Some plants in the amazon are Palms, Vines, Coconut. Coconuts are a good source of fiber, food, oil, only harm it could possibly cause is falling on your head.
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