Tractor Trailers

By: Owen, Maricela, and Nian

Facts about Large vehicles and Recreational vehicles

-Usually 70-80 feet long and 13 feet and 6 inches tall.

-Weighs around 80,000 pounds or 40 tons.

-Most of the large vehicles are either Semi's, Semi-Trailers, or Big Rigs. A large amount of the vehicles come with 18 wheels.

Why do they increase driving risk.

-The size and weight of trucks and other large vehicles limit their maneuverability and create large blind spots for their drivers.

-Large trucks and recreational vehicles require lots of power to accelerate to highway speeds and longer time to stop.

-Since of their large size it makes it much harder to handle a tractor trailer. Be careful when large trucks take turns because they make such large turns.

How can drivers minimize their risks when sharing the roadways with Tractor Trailers

-Since of their large size it makes it much harder to handle a tractor trailer.

-The tractor trailers have many blind spots and many not see you or hear your car. Tractor Trailers have a Front, Rear, Side, and Wide no-zone.

-Keep enough distance and space from the Tractor Trailers.

-Be careful when deciding to pass a tractor trailer. There large size makes it very hard to get pass the vehicle. Always make sure to pass on the left/driver side of the truck to make sure the driver can see you.

-Always allow tractor trailers enough space to merge. Make sure to adjust your speed and try to get into the lane next to you to allow the vehicle to merge.

Large Vehicle Urban Driving Safety