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May 1, 2015


Eighth graders, have no fear your ISTEP week is here! The schedule is below. Here are the keys to success on the test:

  • get some good sleep starting Sunday night.
  • get some protein for breakfast (eggs, peanut butter, etc.)
  • get your iPad charged to 100% each testing day.
  • show up on time each testing day.
  • listen carefully to proctor instructions.
  • read each question carefully, think, and give your best answer (or answers).
  • when needed, use your scratch paper to diagram your thought processes.

8th Grade Test Schedule

Tuesday, May 5- 8th Grade 8:45-12 noon

Wednesday, May 6- 8th Grade 8:45-10:30

Thursday, May 7- 8th Grade 8:45-11:00

Good luck 8th graders and congratulations to 6th and 7th graders that completed the test this week!

New Web Clips/New Resources

Two new web clips have appeared on student iPads. Freedom Flix and True Flix are resources we purchased with our Scholastic Book Fair rewards. The resources include over 150 new eBooks (with simultaneous access), videos, weblinks, and more. The resources are geared toward supporting the literary standards in the science and social studies classrooms. Please check with the Media Center staff if you have questions regarding the new Scholastic resources.

BOGO Book Fair

SMS is holding a BOGO Book Fair Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. BOGO stands for Buy One, Get One. Bargain alert! Two books for one! Stock up for your summer reading!

Students will visit the Book Fair from Study Hall classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students may get a return trip to the Book Fair Thursday morning during elective class provided that they brought cold cash to spend.

8th Grade Dance May 8th

Eighth graders can travel to Aloha Hawaii (the 8th grade dance) on Friday, May 8th. The dance is for SMS 8th graders and parents/staff only. The dance will be held in the SMS Great Room. Doors open at 6:30. Admission is $3. The dress code is beach wear/school casual. Students may wear dressier attire but prom-like formalwear is discouraged. Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to attend:

  • Must be in school on Friday, May 8th.
  • Must not earn any demerits the week of May 4-8,
  • Must not be removed from a class on May 8th.
  • Must not have any zeroes in Harmony grade books.Students with zeroes will complete all missing work in the EPIC room prior to being admitted to the dance.
Light refreshments will be available. Attendees will take a class picture at 7:30 PM and that picture will be available for sale. Attendees should have rides ready at 9:00 PM and since this is an 8th grade only dance, drivers should use the bus/west drive.

iPad: Got Storage?

Late in the school year our brains are getting full. Our iPads are getting full, too! It appears that we had a few students with ISTEP+ glitches... and they did not have enough storage on their iPads! Even if you are adhering to the 35 personal image rule (max of 35 personal images or video clips), you may still have a full iPad. Here are the steps we need EVERYONE to complete today or Monday.

Please go to Settings>General>Usage.

The available space should be at least 1 to 2gb for the iPad to function normally. Select “Managed Storage” to see what items are taking the most space. If you have an app like Keynote that is using a lot of storage, you might open Keynote and remove some projects that you no longer need to keep.

If you have IOS8, also make sure that you check the “Recently Deleted” folder under Photos>Albums. In IOS8 when you delete a photo or video, it goes into this folder for 30 days before its permanently deleted. This is probably the easiest way to free up space. Additionally after you have cleared your “Recently Deleted” folder, reboot the iPad by holding down the home button and lock button until you see the apple appear. This will ensure that the newly freed space is registered with the device.

If you have done this or don’t have anything in this folder and still can’t free up enough space, please visit the media center and they will put in a ticket for us to help.

Happy School Lunch Hero Day!

SMS and SCSD2 would like to thank our nutrition professionals and wish them all a happy School Lunch Hero Day! We appreciate the work that you do. Thanks for serving our meals with a side of AWESOME SAUCE!

Calendar Clues

Mon. 4 B: Archery 3-4:30

Tue. 5 A: 8th Grade ISTEP+ Test, Mid Term Day, Book Fair, Archery 3-4:30, Builders' Club 3-4, Baseball v. Shawe

Wed. 6 B: Cross 7:45 AM, 8th Grade ISTEP+ Test, Book Fair, Archery 3-4:30, Tennis @ Salem, Softball v. Jeffersonville, Track @ Madison

Thu. 7 A: 8th Grade ISTEP+ Test, Book Fair, Stu Co 7:15 am, Archery Nationals, Softball v. Switzerland County, Track @ East Washington, Golf @ Paoli

Fri. 8 B: 6th Cinco de Mayo Celebration, 8th Grade Dance 6:30-9:00, Baseball @ Charlestown

Sat. 9: Golf @ Brownstown, Conference Track @ Silver Creek

Sun. 10: Mothers' Day!

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