No More Dead Dogs

By: Gordon Korman


Some parts of characterization in the book is the part where Wallace gets to rehearsals and is rude and disrespectful to everyone. Another part is when Wallace changes the scripts, this means that Wallace is starting to enjoy the play and shows he is a helpful person.

Figurative Lannguage

In "No More Dead Dogs," figurative language is all over the place. One part is when Wallace is explaining how hes honest about anything and he says "My cousin Gloria, clarinet playing sounds like someone strangling a duck." Another part is when Wallace explains his time when he went to summer camp and he says " The cooks meatloaf could have been used as a human bullet proof vest." Those are some uses of figurative language in the book "No More Dead Dogs."


I think the theme in the story is to always keep an open mind on new opportunities because Wallace didn't want anything to do with the play then he started to love it.