Hassels' Headlines

Jan. 29th, 2016

News You Can Use!

Door Decor- Thanks Mrs. Robbins for our awesome winter scene on our classroom door. (See picture to the right.)

PAWS Pride Lesson-This week each class extended the concept of team by developing a class goal based on the behavior matrix. Each class will have the month of February to meet their goal by demonstrating the behavior at least 80% of the month. If they meet the goal as a team, they will be rewarded at the end of the month. Ask your child about the goal and reward their class decided upon.

Friendship Party- It will be Thursday, Feb. 11th. I have sent home a class list last week. If your child chooses to bring in Valentines please make sure they bring one for every student.

Yearbook- It is not too late to order your yearbook. Click the link below to order online. Don't forget to use the following Conley School code: 10091016

Click here to order a yearbook online.

Box Tops- Keep clipping those Box Tops. Our class would love an extra PE!

Important Dates

Feb. 11th- Friendship Party 2:00-3:00

Feb. 12th and 15th- NO SCHOOL

Feb. 26th- Young Author books due

Subject Snapshots


Story- How Night Came From the Sea

Comprehension Skills: Generalize and Visualize

Conventions: Subject- Verb Agreement

Vocabulary: Unfamiliar Words and Context Clues

Spelling- Vowel sound in "shout"

Writing- Myth stories


Unit 6: Division, Map Reference Frames, Measure of Angles

Science: Energy


This week in literacy we learned generalizing and verbs.We learned a generalization is a broad statement or rule that applies to many things or examples.We did a sheet about generalization, and did a game where we would walk around the room find the cards.When we found the cards we had to answer a question on the cards.For verbs we Learned about Subject verb agreement.We did two power point, and a game for Subject verb agreement.One of the subject verb agreement games we did was where you had to write down the answer on your whiteboard.We also did two power points to really get it in our heads.Also we watched a Brain Pop and played a game for point of view.Playing the point of view game was fun she would read a passage, and then we would make a 1 or 3 with our bodies.We made a Mind Map on Related words.We all had fun this week in Literacy.


In Science this week we started building robots. We built them with the Vex kits. We had to put a something called a brain on the robot. Then, you have to put a color sensor on the robot. The color sensor runs on green and stops on red. After that, we pared the control with the brain so it can drive. Lastly, we went to the Vex robot lab and drove the robot. We had really fun in science this week!!!

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

On Monday we reviewed partial quotients and we played a game called division dash. The object of the game is to reach 100 in as less turns as possible. On Tuesday we we learned the traditional method for division. On Wednesday we learned about interpreting remainders. On Thursday we learned about angle measurement and clock angles and the time of which the angels are lined up with (example: 5:01 = 151 degrees). On Friday we learned elapsed time and interpreting remainders. We also made posters with sentence problems. That is what we learned in math this week.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

On Monday, we did lesson 7-9 which was using models to subtract mixed numbers. Using models is using things such as fraction strips, charts, and base- ten blocks. We had some trouble with not using text boxes and then pen. We also learned about taking a whole when the numerator on the number you're subtracting is larger than the numerator on the other number. On Tuesday our math time was cut short because of an assembly. But we did our solve and share. But that was about all we had time for. We did go over the solve and share. On Wednesday, we began class with an e-text, we figured out that we don't have to do a ton of clicking to get there. We then did our paper and reviewed it. On Thursday we did a writing in math sheet and a adding and subtracting fractions sheet. That is what we did in math.


This week in Writing we are writing myths. On Monday we talked about how we are going to make the myth(we are making it with a partner or alone). On Tuesday we saw an example of a myth, then started the outline of the myth with a partner. Lots of people typed their myth.Thenon Wednesday we worked more on our myths with our partner. We worked on our myths and looked at another example, which was our Pared Text for this week's story called The Ant and the Bear. Finally on Friday the people that were done shared their myths.

Definition of a myth:

Myths are stories that explain how things in nature came to be. Most myths are passed from generation until they are finally written down.

By: Ashlyn

Young Authors

​Young Authors is in full swing for the year. Completed books are due to your child’s school no later than Friday, February 26th. Judging by community volunteers will take place the following week. Winning students who will represent Community District 158 at the Young Authors Conference will be notified prior to spring break. Below, please find guidelines for book submission, along with some general judging criteria. Please let your grade level representative know of any additional questions you may have.

Click HERE Guidelines & Judging Criteria.

Click HERE for sample writing frameworks.

Mrs. Christy Gibbs K-2 (cgibbs@district158.org 847-659-5858)

Mrs. Laura Brummer 3-5 (lbrummer@district158.org 847-659-3543)

Mrs. Tammy Carpenter 6-8 (tcarpenter@district158.org 847-659-4440)


This week in music we finished are weather song and put it together. We also had to make a clock and for the numbers on the clock we had to come up with combinations of music notes that equal the number on the clock. Then we will hang them on the the hall. We also played Touch a snowflake where you touch a snowflake and it will have mini games about notes.We also started talking about how many beats are in rhythms and beats.


On Monday we went around the gym doing exercises. Tuesday we played a card game were you picked up a card and went up to somebody with a card and saw who had a higher card whoever had a lower cad had to do a exercise. Wednesday we made a circle and went around the gym saying are name and a noun that we like or describes us then we would see if we remembered everyone's. Thursday we played a teamwork game where you had to get everyone across the gym but they can only move if they are touching the beachball we split into two groups boys against girls we won, but both teams had very good and strategic plans. Friday we played Outbreak where you had to get a noodle and bring it back to your hula-hoop without getting tagged by the infectors if you do you have to go to a bin and wait for someone else on your team to get a medicine and give it to you then you drop it in a bin and then your free.


Mrs. Ricker is back! The students received their clay bird projects back from last year. They continued to work on painting their buildings using different tints and shades of color.