Potential Speakers

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Greetings Fellow Board Members:

Below are three potential non-economist speakers we might consider. I have listened to and watched all of them speak. They are all top-class speakers. Professor Harvey is a professional storyteller. I am sure I don't have to explain why that is important for our profession. We tell stories all the time. But there are good storytellers and bad storytellers. When it comes to this topic she is one of the best. Patrick Allitt is a history professor at Emory University. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate students there. His specialty is the art and craft of teaching. In fact he produced an entire lecture series with the Great Courses entitled "Art of Teaching: Best Practices from a Master Educator". I have watched the entire course. It is absolutely phenomenal. Patrick Grim is a philosophy professor at SUNY Stony Brook. His experience goes well beyond the confines of philosophy. His latest work in my opinion has the most relevance to our audience - "The Philosopher's Toolkit: How to be the Most Rational Person in any Room". This is a 24-lecture video series which cover the whole gambit of how people can learn how to think more rationally and how to avoid cognitive biases and limitations. He is a terrific lecturer. I would recommend him without reservations.

If you wish you can make comments in the comment box at the bottom or just send out a separate email to the entire group. I wanted to do it this way so that we can match names with faces and get to know these folks a little better with a personal narrative. Please let me know what you think.