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Page One: Nativism in our Time period!

Page Two: Political Cartoon

Page Three: Red Scares Coming Back? I Think Not!

Page Four: John Scopes Trial, Should He Be Called Guilty?

Page Five: Music Industries Are Exploding With Jazz!

Page Six: Henry Ford is coming out with brand new fords!

Page Seven: A boost in our economy!

Page Eight: A letter from the editor himself!

Page Nine: Political Cartoon Meaning!

Nativism in our time period!

After the Great War in Europe ended in 1918 millions of devastated Europeans were seeking refuge in other parts of the world. Many of them tried to come to the United States. As with all other major waves of new immigrants came the resurgence of nativism. Americans were disillusioned by the war and had returned back to a doctrine of isolationism. They shunned diplomatic commitments to foreign countries, denouced foreign "radical" ideas, condemned "un-american" lifestyles, and shut the gates to immigration. This spirit furnaced great prosperity economically, but it spelled doom for Blacks, Catholics, Jews, and other foreigners. The formations of hate groups, legal action, and court decisions helped promote these new feelings.
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Red Scares coming back? I Think Not!

Shortly after the end of World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the Red Scare took hold in the United States. A nationwide fear of communists, socialists, anarchists, and other dissidents suddenly grabbed the American psyche in 1919 following a series of anarchist bombings. The nation was gripped in fear. Innocent people were jailed for expressing their views, civil liberties were ignored, and many Americans feared that a Bolshevik-style revolution was at hand. Then, in the early 1920s, the fear seemed to dissipate just as quickly as it had begun, and the Red Scare was over

John Scopes Trial, Should He Be Called Guilty?

Outside, Dayton took on a carnival-like atmosphere as an exhibit featuring two chimpanzees and a supposed “missing link” opened in town, and vendors sold Bibles, toy monkeys, hot dogs, and lemonade. The missing link was in fact Jo Viens of Burlington, Vermont, a 51-year-old man who was of short stature and possessed a receding forehead and a protruding jaw. One of the chimpanzees–named Joe Mendi–wore a plaid suit, a brown fedora, and white spats, and entertained Dayton’s citizens by monkeying around on the courthouse lawn.Five days later, on July 26, he lay down for a Sunday afternoon nap and never woke up.

Music Industries are Exploding with Jazz!

Ever since the early 1900's, Jazz has been the number one thing America has been attached to. Louis Armstrong, one of the greatest Jazz players, created something new to add to Jazz. Trumpet playing and singing, the young man was just starting his career.

Henry Ford Is Coming Out With Brand New Fords!

History of Henry Ford's career!

Since 1903, Henry Ford changed America forever by creating the very first automobile in History. 17 years later he's coming up with new vehicles and improving them over the years.

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A Boost in our Economy!

The 1920s was a decade of increasing conveniences for the middle class. New products made household chores easier and led to more leisure time. Products previously too expensive became affordable. New forms of financing allowed every family to spend beyond their current means. ADVERTISING capitalized on people's hopes and fears to sell more and more goods.

A letter from the Editor Himself!

City of New York,

Thank you for choosing "The daily News" as your Number One News paper article in the 1920's. "The Daily News" family and I will continue on this process for futures to come.

-From Senior Editor

Political Cartoon Meaning!

Symbolizes: people showing the truth behind the situation by a cartoon

Exaggeration: they are creating a point of why it's a bad idea

Labeling: it's giving a big label of the situation

Analogy: showing the good and bad what should happen over whats happening

Irony: the ironic drawings of the situation with the reality version

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