and some Q&A By: Jasper Younger

What is the most important belief in islam

The most important belief is that there is only one god

Why do they believe that

To honor the oneness of a god

What makes the believers of this religion want to follow it or the teachings of its prophets?

It is peaceful and pure in all teachings

How do Islamic extremists in this religion justify their actions

That god wants all people to be muslims
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Current events

A mostly muslim school board in Brian criticized their principal so much that he stepped down from that position. The negative effects on this religion this might have are, making muslims look bad in that they are already having trouble in their homeland

The holy Qur'an

This holy book represents the islamic religion as the bible does christianity it is the book in with are the teachings that the muslims live their life by. The Qur'an was created in the seventh century C.E over a period of 23 years by Prophet Mohammad

islamic poem and meanings

Praise Allah

When you wake up in the morning
What do you do?
You think about your yummy food
All the foods Allah has blessed you with
So praise Allah praise Allah.


this poem basically is talking about how you should thank the moon god Allah for creating and taking care of you.