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The Platypus’ scientific name is ornithorthyndusanatinus. It is a monotreme mammal. There are only two species in the world of monotremes.

The platypus has a bill that senses movement it has four flippers that have claws on top that are poisons . It has brown fur that is really thin . It has a tail . The male weighs 1.2-2.6 kilograms and the female weighs 0.7-1.6 kilograms. Platypuses are 40cm-55cm long.

It lives in the shallow and long creeks, lakes , billabongs , rivers and streams and it eats dragonflies, mayflies , caddis flies ,water bugs ,eggs ,small frogs ,fishes and beetles .They live for 12 years the longest living platypus is 24 years old .after the egg is born it takes 10 days for them to hatch . The platypuses danger is snakes, foxes ,rats and goannas . The bill of a platypus can sense any movement if it just blinks the platypus knows your there it’s claw can kill you .It can die by pollution, loss of habitat , abscesses , man , land clearing, water way pollution

Platypuses will survive if people stop polluting