The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies

By Elizabeth Raum

Lexile 810, 32 Pages, Flyer by Colbey Stosberg


This book is about how the colonies came to be in the 1600s and the 1700s. The book talks about how the pilgrims struggled to survive. I already knew that the colonists had a rough time surviving and many pilgrims died. I also knew that Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth were some colonies.
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Here is a map of the 13 original colonies.


One fact I learned was that Sagadahoc was a colony in Maine which is part of Massachusetts. Another fact I learned was in 1619 the first African slaves arrived in Jamestown on a Dutch ship to be sold. I also learned that food consisted over deer, raccoon, pork, corn, and beans.


On page 6 the author used a graphic that shows what a colony may have looked like. It shows their camp and their wigwams, round houses covered with tree bark. It also shows the colonists ships docked in the water. It relates to the text because on page 7 the text talks about their camp setup and their houses.
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RASP Answer


What is the Authors Purpose?

The authors purpose in writing this book is to inform the reader about the life in the dreadful colonies. The author wanted you to feel like you were actually a colonist. The author did this by telling you about their daily life. An example is, the author used quotations based on statements from when there were colonies.

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