By: Jaclyn Willems

Why are Walruses endangered?

Walruses have long tusks that are made out of ivory and poachers want this. Native Americans are allowed to hunt them for food, but for everyone else it is illegal to hunt them. Also, global warming is lowering the number of walruses.

How do walruses live?

Walruses live in the Arctic, and North Pacific Ocean. They live swimming in the ocean and lay in the ice for shelter. Walruses eat clams, sea cucumbers, mussels, shrimp, some types of fish, and crab. They can have up to 100 pounds of food in their stomach and can weigh up to 2 tons! They are 8-10 feet in size, depending if they are a cow or a bull.

Interesting Facts

The scientific name for a Walrus is Odobenus rosmarus which means in Latin "tooth-walking sea cow". They got this name because when walruses get out of the water they pull their tusks up onto the ice.

When walruses get scared, they rush to water as fast as possible. They will accidentally trample the calves. This is why females and calves have their own herd.