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Villa Rentals in Spain

How rental rates are determined

Villas can be considered friendly and affordable in relation to the great value that they add to any holiday stay in Spain thanks to the benefits that they offer. Many holidaymakers just love what they can enjoy with the villas as their perfect holiday accommodation choices. For others however, the rates can look high but fact is that it is always possible to find a villa whose rates are a bit low. This is because the rental rates are influenced by several factors which are used to determine the charges.

Villa size: this is one of the factors which will determine how much you get to pay for your villa rental in Spain. The country has all kinds of sizes when it comes to the villas and depending on what you choose; the rate differs. For instance the villas accommodating only four guests at a time cannot be at the same rental rate with one that can accommodate ten guests at a time.

Villa location: this is another determinant for the rental rate that you get to pay while in Spain. The villas which are located near hot holiday spots such as the beaches and the attractions of different kinds tend to be higher in rates compared to those which are further set from such attractions. The same is the case with holiday villas which are in the urban areas and those in more rural areas with the latter being a cheaper choice in terms of the rental rates.

Villa amenities: the villas in Spain of course come with varying amenities and facilities for the holidays and this can have an effect on the rental rates that you have to pay during the holiday stay. The more the amenities or facilities, the higher the rental rates will tend to be. The same goes to the quality of the amenities, facilities and even the furniture pieces that you get to enjoy among other items within the villa.

Holiday length: apart from all the above villa issues, the other determinant on the amount that you will have to pay during your holiday stay in Spain is the length of that stay. Most of the villa rates are categorized on weekly basis. If you are staying for a longer period however, you will find a deal that is much cheaper compared to if you are staying for only a couple of days.

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