Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas

Professional Football player
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"The Golden Arm."

Johnny began his career as the field general while the QB broke his ankle at st. Justin high school. The couches decided that johnny was good enough to be the QB. One day in February 1956, the Baltimghghore colts were instrested in what johnny could do.The 7,000 dollar contract began a 17 year career with the colts. Nick name the golden arm. Johnny got numerous records in his 17 years as a Baltimore colt. Of all those records he holds, one in particular still stands as the greatest in professional football.
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Johnny's life

Johnny was born may 7th 1933, Pittsburgh.Johnny was also very tall,he was 6'1'. Got his education at the university of Louisville. Johnny was a real good football player on the field but along the way he had a 8 kids all together:

-John Unitas Jr

-Francis Unitas

-chad Unitas

-Christopher Unitas

-Alicia Unitas

-Janice Unitas

-Kenneth Unitas

-Robert Unitas

Johnny even played in the movie Any Given Sunday.

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During his 18 year in the NFL ,17 years with the colts and the last season with the San Diego Chargers. He led the colts to 3 NFL championships, including one super bowl. He was even selected for the pro-football hall of fame in 1979.
Johnny Unitas

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