New and returning products

MASCARA is here AND Charcoal Bar is coming back!!!

May is a HUGE month for Beautycounter! After 3 years of careful development and testing we will finally be launching our most anticipated product yet on May 2nd....MASCARA! Most mascara contains ingredients like Parabens, Aluminum powder, propylene glycol and Retinyl acetate that are toxic to our health. This is a huge concern when we are putting a product ON OUR EYES!!! Rest assured we have a safe, beautiful alternative! Our CHARCOAL BAR is also coming back in stock this week! Our Charcoal Cleansing bar contains activated charcoal derived from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree that attracts and binds to impurities and oils on the skin's surface, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. I am taking pre-orders for both products so let me know if you want your name on the list!!!

Our mission is simple: Get SAFE products into the hands of everyone!

Want to earn FREE Beautycounter products??

May is a great month to host a social for friends or family. Share the safest products out there with the ones you love. Host a social in the month May and receive a FREE gift from ME in addition to our host rewards!! I have 2 spots still open!

My healthy recipe for May!

Healthy Peanut Butter "cups"- a better option for the sweet tooth craving!

-Drop peanut butter of choice in small scoops on parchment paper and set in freezer for 15 minutes (I ususally do 6-8)

-While peanut butter is "setting" melt 1/2 C chocolate or carob chips with 1 Tbsp coconut oil

-Pull peanut butter out and cover each "ball" with chocolate

-Place back in freezer until chocolate is set

-Eat and enjoy