Social Good Project

Call for ideas

Can you think of an idea how you can help people in your community by introducing new technology?

In 100 words describe your idea and you have a chance to make your idea come to life.

The UN team will fund your idea and guide you through the project implementation.

Things to keep in mind:

∙ address a real problem by using IT

∙ with realistic objectives and activities

∙ evaluate the risks

∙ can your idea be sustained

∙ include a volunteerism and innovation aspect

The Social Good Summit in Uzbekistan

The Social Good Summit will create a platform to come together and address a one big question:

Technology, data and digital media is shaping our world

To join the Summit, visit our event page:

What is Social Good about?

It is a "good" that is shared and beneficial for all or most members of a community

The Social Good Project is part of the global Social Good Summit 2013

The Social Good Summit is a three-day conference where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. Held during UN Week from September 22-24, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges.