EL Happenings

Volume 2 Issue 7

Co-Teaching Pilot at Perry High

Miss Harmon (EL) and Mr. Wampler (English 9) are coming together to pilot a co-teaching model for the level 1 and 2 students that they share. With the language expertise of their EL teacher and the content knowledge of their English 9 teacher, these students are getting a rich learning experience. They have purposeful time built into the lesson to practice using all language domains while learning their regular English 9 standards. Thanks for being risk takers, Perry EL! Want to know more? Contact gmayorga@perryschools.org

Intermediate EL- Ms. Smith

Students in Ms. Smith's class are giving All About Me presentations using Voki. The students were to write their script and record their voices over Voki to practice their fluency. The audience members were held accountable by turning in written feedback to each presenter. The students conferenced with Ms. Smith following their presentations to review the rubric and talk about their improvement from their last presentation. This whole lesson encompasses the SIOP component Review and Assessment and it's Features; Comprehensive Review of Key Content Concepts and Regular Feedback Provided to Students on Their Output.

IDOE EL Guidebook

Please check out the key points from Chapter 3, "Serving English Learners" in the IDOE EL Guidebook 2017-2018:

English Learner Plans: All local education agencies are required to submit an English Learner Plan detailing their plan to meet the needs of English learners at all proficiency levels and across all grade levels. This requirement is met through either the Title III application or through submitting the English Learner Plan as a separate document.

Additional Information: In addition to addressing EL plans, chapter 3 also reviews the requirements of the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), retention of ELs, recommendations for identifying gifted and talented ELs, considerations to be made before identifying ELs as special education students, and the ability for parents to opt-out of EL services for their child.

English Learner Website

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