For Computer Skills and Applications Class

Elevators Beginning

Elevators have existed since 236 BC it was designed by The German engineer Konrad Kyeser 1405 and the person who made it is a Roman architect Vitruvius.The Purpose of using Elevators is to use them to go places up and down a little bit more quicker.The First Elevator was made of wood and ropes it was demonstrated and also made by Elisha Graves Otis.

Development of the Elevators

Later somewhere in the 1900's the Elevators were improved and changed to a Platform that you can use in buildings.Inside the Elevators you can touch these buttons to go to floor or level you would like to go.

Types of Elevators

There are other types of Elevators for different purposes like the Dumbwaiter.Residential Elevators can be installed in your house,Air Craft elevators,Scissor Elevators,Boat Lift,Belt Elevators and many more

Elevators in Buildings

Elevators are used in buildings like houses,hotels,hospitals,some malls,and business companies there are used to go faster to a place instead of using the stairs.They can be used for any reason especially urgencies.


Last Accessories in the elevators are the control buttons you can change the background color or leave it platform/shiny grey,you can put furniture in elevators like small couches and small tables that can hold food or flowers,also you can plants and other stuff in the Elevators.