Extinction in the Environment

How it will effect the future if we don't stop it.

Endangered Animals

There are many animals, as well as this Giant Panda are close to being extinct. If you harm or hunt an endangered animal you will go to jail and be fined a huge amount of money. This is used to preserve the worlds population of animals.

Black Bear

The Black Bear used to be very common, now it is endangered and on its way to extinction. It is the smallest, but most widely distributed bear species. They are hunted and treated like pests, people to not realize the beauty in the black bear. They are attracted to human towns and civilization because of the availability of food, that is why they are such easy targets.
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polar bear

the polar bear is another bear species that are going extinct. they are hunted for they're pelts and they're meat for food purposes. another threat for the polar bear is that the warmer climate effects its life. polar bears have also been effected by oil and gas.
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the grizzly bear is another bear that is going extinct. the grizzly bear is a very large animal weighing about 300-825 pounds. the main reason the grizzly is endangered is because of man hunting and attacking them. Here in Ashland i think they are all completely extinct or very close. about 95% of grizzly bears have died from a gunshot.
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fun facts

panda bear
1. it eats bamboo.
2. it is endangered and illegal to hunt.
3. its pelts are used for rugs.

black bear
1. it eats anything.
2. it is more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked by a black bear.
3. their paw prints are 3x as big as a dogs.

1. they're are very dangerous.
2. weigh 300-825 pounds.
3. life span is 20 years- 25 years.

polar bears
1.female bears build they're own dens in old snow.
2.females weigh 500-600 pounds.
3.polar bear babies weigh 1 pound when born.
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polar bear article

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the article is about polar bears. if you are unaware of what a polar bear is, it is a very large white bears that tends to live in a arctic area. The polar bear has lower reproductive rate than the grizzly bear and the black bear. They are hunted and poached for their hides. That and the combination of low reproductive system make it hard to keep a steady population.
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the grizzly bear is a north American brown bear. the grizzly bear is a endangered species. the main reason why the grizzly bear are endangered is because of hunters. grizzly bears tend to go near human camp grounds and human environments and that's when they get attacked by human being. it is illegal to hunt grizzly bears but they still do hunt them often. Grizzlies are considered the deadliest bear. They were once called "super bears" because of there extrordinary bone structure and enourmus muscle mass. The super bear is the most feared and the mascot of ashland high school, it is most commonly found in oregon.

Panda Bear


the panda bear is a endangered species. the reason they are mostly endangered and almost extinct is because people hunt them. but now there is a law that if you are caught hunting a panda bear you get a huge fine. out of the whole entire world only 700-1000 pandas are still living today(mostly in china).

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black bear


the black bear is a huge bear commonly found in northern America. they're is only about 850,000-950,000. over the last five years 125-175 each year by vehicles. the main reason black bears are extinct is due to deforestation. also since they are not very social animals they run away from humans and have no home to run to.

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koala bears


koala bears are endangered for a lot of reasons such as habitat problems and hunting. They are so cute that people abuse them and unfortunately they are the cutest animals in the world. Babies are born blind and this is why most youngsters are dead in a week of birth.