Al Capone

By: Nick Kamatovic

Al Capone Biography

Al Capone was one of the most famous gangsters during the 1930's. He was involved with illegal gambling, bootlegging, and prostitution. He was born January 17, 1899 in New York. In the 6th grade he dropped out of school due to him assaulting the teacher. Shortly after, he got involved in criminal activities. He soon joined the James Street Gang, and became close friends with the gang's leader, Johnny Torrio, and they became life-long friends. Then, Al graduated into a gang known as the Five Point Gang in New York. Al had to leave New York and fled to Chicago due to a murder charge. After Colosimo's death, Torrio took his place as a leader for the largest criminal empire in the United States. Torrio was then ambushed and shot multiple times and almost died. After being released from the hospital Torrio resigned from being a gangster and Al Capone then filled his shoes. In 1931 Al was arrested for tax evasion and was sentenced to Alcatraz for eleven years but got out three years early for good behavior and because he was ill. While he was in prison he lost all of his power and decided to retire in Palm Island, Florida where he later died in 1947

Fun Fact

Capone got into a brawl working as a bouncer and was slashed on the cheek with a razor. The incident left the gangster with three jagged marks on his left cheek. This earned him the nickname "Scarface".

Mini Bio: Al Capone

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