The Battle of Flers-Courselette

The Great War

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Battle of Flers

  • Battle of flers was the main phase of the Battle of Somme on the days of 15-22 of September in 1916, between allied and central power over Somme river in Courcellette.

Important over Fler

  • This battle was important in this Great war because it was the first battle to deploy 49 tanks to support the divisions of the allied troops.
  • This third phase of the battle of Somme was to break through the German line.

Allied and central power forces

  • Allies
  1. Casualties: British-20,000 killed, 40,000 wounded/100,000 troops deployed
  2. The rest of the Ally forces were about 1.2 million.
  • Central-Germany
  1. Did not found, but estimated of troops they had was about 1.2 million.

Commanders of Allies and Axis


  1. Henry Rawlinson
  2. Julian Byng
  3. Alexander Godley
  4. Douglas Haig


  1. Crown Prince Rupprecht

Battle of Fler, Location

  • North part of France, right by Belgium where Germany attacked from.
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Battle Field Condition

  • The battle took place around in summer and autumn, launched at 15th of September.
  • British had to face the strong defensive German defense on wet ground and the Germans hiding in tall trees near the town of Courselette.