World History


Map of Malacca

Quotes from "satisfied" traders

  • “The rulers are fair and impartial to the traders”, says Keith Appling
  • "Malcca is by far my favorite tranding post. The Malacca trading post is relatively safe and secure from marauders”, says Samantha Brown
  • “The sultan charges for necessary business services are fair”, says Austin Haris

The services offered to traders made by the shabandars:

  • You are allowed to store your cotton and cloth until it is sold.
  • You can buy protection services to make sure your goods aren't stolen and safe.
  • Elephants can help take blods of cotton from your ship
  • The Malacca officials help ensure you that you receive a good price for your cotton
  • In the local cafe you can exchange important information about prices, and relax.
  • You believe that the fees and taxes for the doing business are the fairest.
  • The gifts that your bring to not have to be high in value as they do in other ports
  • A committee comprised of your own community.

Goods offered for sale:

  • Glassware
  • Cotton goods
  • Brocades
  • Irony
  • Sandalwood
  • Perfume
  • Precious stone

Other Entrepots

Benefits of trading in Singapore:

  • Has one the most open trading policies in the world
  • Exporting goods is hassle free
  • Allows for essay access to supply goods and markets because of location

Both Malacca and Singapore have great benefits if your a Merchant