Why here?

The Florida Reef is a great place to vacation. In a very conveniently close relation to the Florida Keys, the coral reef offers tours. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida, fives you a way to see all three plant species work. The park provides a glass-bottom boat tour to see the plants and snorkeling gear to get up close and personal to the reef, fish, and plant life.

Health Issues! Restrictions! Passport info! etc.

Health Issues-

Runoff from residential, industrial, and agricultural areas containing fertilizers, silt, chemicals, debris, and other contaminants are carried through storm drains to Florida's waterways. Sewage discharges from waste treatment facilities, boats, and developed land areas contribute to coral diseases and death. Be sure to keep cautious when in the water!


  • -Moving, removing, taking, injuring, touching, breaking, cutting or possessing coral or live rock.
  • -Removing, injuring, or possessing coral or live rock.
  • -Discharging or depositing treated or untreated sewage from marine sanitation devices, trash, and other materials.
  • -Dredging, drilling, prop dredging or otherwise altering the seabed, or placing or abandoning any structure on the seabed.

  • Passport-

    The Florida Reef is located in the United States so no passport is nessecary for those who live here!

    Where can you stay?

    St Pete Beach, FL offers the Coral Reef Beach Resort for a more luxurious stay or the

    Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Miami Kendall at a low price of $105 per night!

    Walt Disney world recreates the scenery at their restraunt called the Coral Reef Restraunt! It is a great place to relive the Florida Reef's beauty.