Miss Branchick's Newsletter

April 11-15, 2016

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K-Kids Literacy Bingo Night and Book Drive

This semester, the K-Kids at South wrote a proposal for a grant. We received the grant for $1000. The K-Kids plan is to use this $1000 to host a series of Literacy Bingo Nights here at South to help get literacy items (books, flashcards, games, etc) into the hands of families who currently do not have such items. The first Literacy Bingo Night is on Thursday, May 12.

The K-Kids are asking for book donations from our South Family. These books should be gently loved and can be for any age group! We will have them sorted by picture book, early chapter books, teen books, and adults. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

If you are able, please send books in this week or next with your child. They will be given to the K-Kids representative in our class to be sorted.

Thank you for your constant help in projects like this!

ISTEP Starts Next Week

We will be starting ISTEP next week. The schedule is being looked over and will be finalized shortly. As soon as I have that schedule I will share it with everyone.

I will also be sending out another snack sign up for those who are interested.

Homework this week

Homework this week went home on Friday.

There is a math review packet and reading review packet.

4 pages of Rocket Math need to be turned in by Friday for all students who have not mastered all four operations on Math Fact Mastery.

This week in room 506


Unit 15-

Monday- Lesson 20-7 Outcomes and Experiments

Tuesday- ISTEP Practice Test- no new lesson

Wednesday- Lesson 20-8 Line Plots and Probability

Thursday- Lesson 20-8 Fractions on Line Plots

Friday- Lesson 20-9 Use Tables and Graphs to Draw Conclusions

Fourth Grade:

Monday- Continue to work on Unit 4

Tuesday-ISTEP Practice Test- no new lesson

Wednesday- Go over Unit 4- test if ready

Thursday- Pretest Unit 5

Friday- Unit 5


Unit 5 Week 4

  • Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions
  • Skill: Author's Point of View
  • Genre: Biography
  • Vocab: Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Phonics: Inflectional Endings y to i; Suffixes- ful, ness, less


1. citizenship- Citizenship is the position of being a citizen of a country with all the rights, duties, and privileges that come with it.

2. continued- When something is continued, it goes on without stopping.

3. daring- Something daring is courageous and bold.

4. horrified- When you are horrified, you are filled with great fear, horror, or dislike.

5. participate- You participate when you join with others or take part in something.

6. proposed- To have proposed means to have suggested something to others for their consideration.

7. unfairness- Unfairness is the state of being unfair or unjust.

8. waver- To waver means to pause when being unsure.

Spelling Words: Inflectional Endings

1. tries

2. tried

3. trying

4. dries

5. dried


7. hurries

8. hurrying

9. replied

10. studies

11. studied

12. studying

13. obeyed

14. obeying

15. worrying


Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home:

Tumblebooks is registered for grades K-4 so North and South share.

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