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Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

In school time, about 1 week has passed. We had 4-5 snow days in our area during the last 2 weeks. Though we were working behind the scenes, buildings were definitely closed tight. The typical scene, if you were on the road - or just arriving home after the first 4 hours of snow....

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During this time, as mentioned, we were busy. We have 941 registered EduPaths users and 31 new Twitter followers. Several other updates include:

  • The Transcript in EduPaths is now operational and presenting information that is helpful to users. You can access when logged into your account, and click GO TO TRANSCRIPT. Thank you, Ken!
  • The Resource Page is fully updated - including everything that we anticipate will be needed to be successful on EduPaths. If you think of something that we have missed, feel free to contact Danielle. Always looking for ways to make the site more accessible to users.
  • Our first Twitter Chat, post Digital Learning Day, went off without a hitch on Wednesday, Feb. 24. Gained new followers and had a robust discussion about Differentiated Instruction.
  • We created a G-Presentation for Advisory members to use when presenting about EduPaths - includes course links to launch & other EduPaths info. Feel free to use!
  • Our MACUL campaign includes - Tweet @EduPathsMDE about EduPaths & come by the Booth to Receive free T-Shirt; Register for Course while at the Booth, Tweet the course just enrolled in & Receive a Tote Bag, too. See FLYER below.
  • Our updated list of courses for SCHECHs
  • Our updated list of External link courses/resources

Things we are still working on...

  • Still adding curriculum standards to the site - each standard being manually uploaded as there isn't an import button.
  • Still researching content creation tools to enhance the look and function of our courses in Canvas.
  • Still working to add content that was created outside of Canvas...getting closer to breakthroughs in this!

We are enjoying our work; enjoying interacting with you as you have shared ideas; and are looking forward to MACUL this week!

Stop by the EduPaths booth and see us!! Tweet about EduPaths at MACUL and get a free EduPaths t-shirt!!

Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, Molly Bruzewski

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