What Is Luck?

By Hayden Armstrong

So what is it?

Everybody wants to be lucky. Being lucky requires no skill and has good side effects. The definition of good luck is something good happening to someone by chance rather than one’s actions. But how do people get lucky? Where can people find luck and how is it different from the past to the present?

How do you get lucky?

Getting lucky is something that is beyond people’s control. However, there are things that are said to make people have good luck. Some of these include horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, shamrocks, and the number seven.

Where can you find luck?

The lucky number seven comes from China. Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth) create harmony (Lucky Number 7). The myth that horseshoes are lucky has been around since 400 BC. Horseshoes were supposed to keep away goblins and fairies (Melina). A Christian legend is that Eve carried a four-leafed clover out of the Garden of Eden. St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (Tuttle).

How is luck different from the past to the present?

In more modern times, things that are considered lucky are supposed to bring things, not ward them off. Things that were lucky then were supposed to keep away evil spirits and monsters. But now that humans know that creatures such as trolls and ogres and such are make believe, most of the old legends have disappeared.

In conclusion

So now that everyone can agree that the old myths are fake, what does luck do? Good luck can vary differing what that certain person wants. Whatever you think good luck is, one thing is for certain-people want to be lucky!


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