Stop depression TODAY!!!!

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What is Depression?

Depression comes in all forms. It can be in your family history, or it can be developed through your life. 1 of every 11 kids suffer from depression. On the website, “All About Depression”, it says, “Depression mostly affects people in their mid 20’s to their mid 40’s.” Depression is mostly caused by certain styles of thinking. On the website, “Clinical Depression”, it states, “Depression can also be a result of unfortunate events.” Depression is a terrible thing. No one wants to be sad or lonely. Be a friend, help your friends that are suffering from depression. Talk to them, sit with them, anything you think will help. You can make a difference. Stop Depression NOW!!!!

Plan For Action

Positive: Your friends, and family would be so much happier.

Negative: Your friends, and family will be super sad and lonely.