Green Careers

By Mason R

Marine Biologist

Salary Range

CareerMarine biologist

Salary Rangean: An average of $27,500 - $70,106 Per year wich comes out to anywhere between $75 to $192 a day

Education Necessary

Education necessary to do the job successfully: Ph.D

Job Descriptions

Job Description/Duties: you study aquatic life and other aquatic organisms. You sucba dive to find different plants and animals in both salt and fresh water.You also have to preform different procedures on animals to insure they live.

Relationship Between the Enviorment and Marine Biology

Environmental relationship between the environment and job: you study aquatic life. Studying the life of different bodies of water weather plants or animals.Freshwater or salt.


Advantagesget to be in water (swim), study aquatic life, learn about different fish and coral, you get paid a preaty good amount of money and for many you get to do what you love.


Disadvantages: You must have years of education. Having to watch animals you love die.You need to kill some animals for either reasearch or to not have them suffer. Also having to sometimes go on trips away from your family for extensive periods of time.


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