Newsletter Week 4 Term 2

Meeanee School 25th May, 2022


Further to last week's warning about the winter flu and cold season it appears we are also seeing the effects of a tummy bug. Please remember that students should not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting and diarrhoea.

We are continuing to have a high number of absences for both students and unfortunately staff. Finding relievers now is becoming incredibly challenging for all schools. Some have had to get students to learn from home.

Please make sure that your students uniform is named. It's never much fun seeing some of our parents having to wander round our school searching for their child's uniform. We are still awaiting the shipment of our Kids Can Jackets which will help some keep away the winter chill.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,



This weeks PB4L focus is:


We will appreciate that people have different ideas and strengths.



We are holding a PTA meeting next Tuesday the 31st May straight after school in the Staffroom. All welcome, including new members.

Pink Shirt Day 2022

On Friday 20th May we had our annual Pink Shirt Day. This day is to reinforce the message that bullying is not okay. We had a sea of pink clothing which was fantastic. The staff looked pretty amazing too!

We found through discussion on the day that students did not understand exactly what bullying was. Bullying is when one student (or a group of students) keeps picking on another student again and again constantly to make them feel bad. They say or do things to upset them, make fun of them, stop them from joining in, or keep hitting or punching them.

Often the term bullying gets used to describe other behaviour, such as hassling between friends which sometimes can go a bit far, or an aggressive reaction from a student who has been involuntarily provoked by another. Some describe one off name calling as bullying.

Cotton On sell shirts if you wish to help raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

Parent Interviews 2022

Looks like we will be able to hold our Parent Interviews this year. On Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June we will finish school at the earlier time of 1pm and start interviews at 1.30pm.

When you come for your interview the teacher will take you through your child's school report.

Closer to the time we will send out an interview time slip.

Badminton in the Meeanee Hall

Wednesday mornings 9am - 11am.

New players of any level welcome.

$2 a session.


Learn to play Pickleball.

The most fun on the planet.

You will need sports shoes and we will provide the rest.

Meeanee Hall

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1pm to 3pm.

Thursday and Saturday 10am to 12pm.

Get fit and have fun.

Sunday Market

Taradale Sunday Market is happy to support local, and is open weekly. For more info contact or look on facebook.

Upcoming Events

  • Papakura Sports Park Day - Thursday 19th May
  • Pink Shirt Day - Friday 20th May
  • Teacher Only Day - Friday 3rd June
  • Queen's Birthday - Monday 6th June
  • Matariki Public Holiday - Friday 24th June
  • Parent Interviews - Monday 27th June & Tuesday 28th June
  • Term 2 ends - Friday 8th July.