Discovery Education Changes & Reset

Urgent: Clearing out content to reset pages

DE Roster Issues

Good afternoon. Many students and teachers across the district have experienced challenges working with Discovery Education due to rostering issues. These issues stem from a design within Discovery Education as it relates to teacher numbers and Infinite Campus legacy issues. As a result, our student rosters were all loaded into the system but were not connecting to the teacher. Many teachers have had to manually set up their courses just to be able to create content, assignments, or assessments associated with the students in their classes. Many students had to retrieve their work from a direct link that teachers made accessible via the Learn Page.

In order to correct this issue completely, we must delete and restore the Discovery Education system and start anew. This means that all courses and content will be removed; however, once restored, the correct rosters will be associated with teachers. If you have begun adding to "My Content" within Discovery Education, you must migrate it over to the district wide folder which will not be deleted. Please view the video below for a tutorial on how to do so. Any content housed in the district folders will then be restored following the reset. We have scheduled it immediately; however, we will work with teachers at the very beginning of next week to ensure that this migration takes place before we hit the "no turning back" button.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Most teachers have not added content to their "My Content" space; however, if you have done so, District Coaches are here to assist you with any questions, comments or concerns.

Step 1

Action: Share from "My Content" to "District"

Please check out THIS tutorial for this step.

Step 2

Let your District Tech Coach know that you have it completed.