Classical Conversations of Joppa

Weekly Newsletter - November 11, 2015

Director's Notes

Essentials Families - Popcorn & Pudewa Event for Essentials Families

Fri, Nov 15th 6:00-9:00pm at my house. Get ready to dive into one of Ariel's famous cheese balls and IEW!

Healthy Fridays - Families who are interested in doing health type lessons together are welcome to sign up to host a day and attend all of our "Healthy Fridays" events. The first date is Nov 20th at Laura Ramsey's home to look at germs and hand washing. Sign up using our sign up genius:

Upcoming Field Trips and Events-

Herr's Factory Tour - Wed, Nov 18th 1:00pm - FREE. RSVP is CLOSED.

Review Carnival and Holiday Potluck - Tues, Dec 8th 10am-1pm. Sign up to help man a station and bring food through our sign up genius:

MNO Holiday Party and Cookie Exchanges - Thurs, Dec 17th 7-9pm at Chasity's. RSVP to

NJ Aquarium - TBD in February. $13.50pp. More info will follow.

BSO's Peter and the Wolf - Thurs, March 24 10:00am - $6.50pp. RSVP and pay by Dec 8th.

Community Announcements

Week 10 Preview

Family Presentation: Yoder

Tin Whistles: Remember to pack the student's tin whistles (labeling them is a plus!) All classes will be doing tin whistle at 9:30am to limit distractions from other classes.

Foundations Presentation Topic: Choose an animal and research facts to share with your class. Discuss it's classification, vertebrate/invertebrate, reproduction, and more from our science work.

Science Projects: Students will be paired up and pulling apart owl pellets to find animal bones. Please be aware that some animal fur may be in the pellets. Students will be provided gloves and masks, but if your student is sensitive to animal fur please keep an eye on them.


Memory Work Extras

CC Timeline Handmotions Video: (All Tutors are using the CC official videos OR the previously used rafikipaka from CC Connected. These two options are slightly different, but many of us have learned the rafikipaka handmotions in the past before CC officially came out with their own handmotion video.)

A PDF printout of handmotions can be found on CC Connected user name rafikipaka.

Cycle 1 Memory Work Audio:

Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorials:

Reading Correlations from Half a Hundred Acre Wood:

Prayer Requests

Continue to keep each other in your prayers.

Kristen Harrison (Denise Coursey's sister) who has passed on after her battle with cancer.

Speicher Family and Craig as he is permenantly with his bio dad. Pray they continue to have visit and time with Craig.

Tate Family and their eldest daughter who is seeking help for her battle with anxiety and bulimia. Continue to pray for guidance and support for her.

Chasity Longworth's grandmother who has stage one lung cancer and had a biopsy which resulted in a lung collapse.

Stacey Steeves as she transitions from Challenge A director to Foundations mom to Seth.

Cox family as she continues to do CC from home and focuses on her family's scheduling needs. Continue to pray as the adoption process is finalized for their son! YAY!

Bennett Family whose father is undergoing medical care for prostate cancer.

Essential's Popcorn & Pudewa

Friday, Nov. 13th, 6-9pm

906 Shelburne Road

Bel Air, MD

Essentials Parents ONLY - Join us for the mandatory IEW DVDs and dive into Ariel's famous cheese balls!

Mid Year Review Carnival and Celebration

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 10am-1pm

2907 Mountain Rd


Join us for our mid-year celebration before our winter break.

We will have food and review games with the help of all parents. RSVP through sign up genius: