Now THIS is MOMENTUM!!!!!!

Guys!! Guys!! Guys!!!

I have NEVER seen anything like I'm seeing now in Arbonne!! Our successline grew $700K over our biggest month EVER....in April alone!! And we are just getting started. #‎MayWillBeBiggerThanApril‬

For those of you JUST getting started in Arbonne, you could not be at a better place at a better time. Share ARBONNE with those you know or else somebody else will. ASK people to take a look at this business to an extra income stream, ASK people to help you out and get you in front of some people to share Arbonne, ASK people to test drive out products!!

For those of you who have stayed the course in Arbonne, CONGRATULATIONS are the ready for the biggest tidal wave of growth we have ever seen?? It's happening and you all are seeing it!!

I couldn't be MORE PROUD of what you all are accomplishing. You are being BRAVE, your are having COURAGE, you are STRETCHING like never before and THAT my friends in how you grow in Arbonne!!

We have SO MUCH evidence to point to when sharing Arbonne. We are ON FIRE and you don't want people to miss out.....just check out the CRAZY RECOGNITION below!! Say what!?!?!

2016....I see THIS!!! Go ahead...pick out yours!!

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Recognition Effective May 1st


This girl and her team are on fire!! Kelli decided to make some sacrifices and go big to go Region and they have done it!!! Congratulations Kelli....we cannot wait for her car presentation!!

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Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!


AMANDA THAYER (CO) in Brandsma Nation

TINA MILLER (TX) in Wright Nation

APRIL WELSH (CO) in Wright Nation

HOLLY KLEIMAN (CA) in Deloach Nation

MEGAN LUNA (CO) in Kronbach Nation


KELLI TRENT (CO) promoted by ERVP Amanda Thayer

LAURA FERGUSON (CA) promoted by ERVP Haley Duncan (WRIGHT NATION!!)

$100K Club!!

ERVP Sara Murray

ERVP Geneva Farr

½ Way to Nation

RVP Samantha Hale


Lindsay Bauerle (TX) in Samantha Hale’s Region

Gwyneth Spinden (Carsten) (CO) in Trisha Dreiling’s Region (DREILING NATION)

McKenzie Cartwright (CO) in Holly Houseworth’s Region (DREILING NATION)

Janel Shackelford (WY) in Holly Houseworth’s Region (DREILING NATION)

Britt Gibson (CA) in Haley Duncan’s Region (DELOACH NATION)

Catherine Lang (CO) in April Welsh’s Region (WRIGHT NATION)

Ladonna Johnson (CO) in Mary Wright’s Region (WRIGHT NATION)

Ann Duncan Wade (TX) in Allison Bing’s Region (WRIGHT NATION)

½ Way to Region

Jojo deBeaubien (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Shannon Hare (FL) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Courtney Bauer (KS) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Tiffany Weaver (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Brianna Widen (WA) in Geneva Farr’s Region

Kelli Helzer (CO) in Wendy Johnson’s Region

Katie Ganderton (CO) in Kelly Brgoch’s Region

Sabine Bezdek (CO) in Arlene Burgess’ Region

Erin Geiger (TX) in Samantha Hale’s Region

New Area Managers

Melanie Eastridge in Sabine Bezdek’s Area (CO)

Area Manager in Qualification

Kyla Jones in Raven Astrom’s Area

Amy LeVeck in Lindsay Bauerle’s Area (TX)

Tiffani Ragan in Lindsay Bauerle’s Area (TX)

Andrea Beard in Tiffany Weaver’s Area (CO)

Emily Burch in Tiffany Weaver’s Area (CO)

Mandie Atchity in Kelli Trent’s Area (CO)

Nichole Whitley in Arlene Burgess’ Area (CO)

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Rachel Ostreko promoted by Tarrah Brandsma (CO)

Janelle Doud promoted by Tarrah Brandsma (CO)

Erica Reidlin in Caroline Kirkwood’s District (CO)

Leslie Nael promoted by Erin Zanotti (OK)

Kathryn Johnson promoted by Erin Zanotti (OK)

Shawna Killen in Kelli Trent's District (CO)
Leslie Morris in Kelli Trent's District (AZ)

Charity Dickehut in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Robert LeVeck in Amy LeVeck’s District (OH)

Bailey Logan in Erin Geiger’s District (TX)

Tamara Irwin in Erin Geiger’s District (TX)

Ashley Johnson in Erin Geiger’s District (TX)

Charlene Schlickau in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Kaitlyn Bressie in Aspen Frey’s’s District (KS)

Elizabeth Kirkwood in Andrea Beard’s District (CO)

Christy Dupree in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Jessica Bennett in Michelle Cisnero’s District (CO)

Rebecca Vanderhage in Brianna Widen’s District (WA)

District Managers in Qualification

Susan Santos in Janelle Doud’s District (CO)

Rachel Price in Kyla Jones’ District (CO)

Homer Atanacio in Raven Astrom’s District (CO)

Becky Simonds in Raven Astrom’s District (CO)

Sarah Kong in Ali Watkins’ District (TX)

Amber Chardavoyne in Stacy Sheehan-Wilson’s District (CO)

Sarah McCuish in Krista Sabec-LaBrot’s District (CO)

Erika Riley in Krista Sabec-LaBrot’s District (CO)

Missy Altiff in Wendy Johnson’s District (PA)

Monica D’Ovidio in Kelli Helzer’s District (CO)

Kari Wilson in Kelli Helzer’s District (CO)

Sarah Leisher-Mireless in Randi Swenson’s District (CO)

Darlyn Tucker in Randi Swenson’s District (WY)

Megan Stoudt in Aileen Gahagan's District (CA)
Deby Mittlebrun in Aileen Gahagan's District (CA)
Christine Moore in Aileen Gahagan's District (CA)
Flor Lucas in Kelli Trent's District (CO)
Kat Childress in Sam Knight's District (CO)
Leann Reckker in Sam Knight's District (CO)
Haley Malesenka in Lauren Malesenka's District (CO)
Ashley Mclawyer in Mandie Atchity's District (CO)

Tambra Ellason in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Kelly Matthews in Samantha Hale’s District (CA)

Carolyn Blackmon in Amy LeVeck’s District (AZ)

Chasney Boyd in Megan Roegelein’s District (TX)

Cindy O’Connell in Megan Roegelein’s District (TX)

Lacey Jo Moore in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (CO)

Sarah Burkett in Tiffani Ragan’s District (TX)

Ashleigh Ridings in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Brittany Dille in Dayle Cedars’ District (CO)

Carissa Warner in Dayle Cedars’ District (CO)

Maria Lucas in Jenn Egan Fowler’s District (CO)

Delia Sanchez in Sarah Rehm’s District (TX)

Tamara Irwin in Erin Geiger’s District (CA)

Bremba Vannice in Geneva Farr’s District (CO)

Amanda Hopp in Amanda Thayer’s District (CO)

Amy Hall in Amanda Thayer's District (TX)

Lori Nguyen in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Ashley Hignight in Barb Barker’s District (CO)

Melissa Williams in Lisa Roth’s District (CO)

Ellen Davidson in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Katie Patee in Kaitlyn Bressie’s District (KS)

Bonnie Baetz in Jojo deBeaubien’s District (CO)

Kellie Ciotti in Jojo deBeaubien’s District (CO)

Shelia Wyner in Shannon Hare’s District (FL)

Michelle New in Patricia Brotherson’s District (CO)

Melissa Rodriguez in Tiffany Curtice’s District (CO)

Sheila Gauthier in Andrea Beard’s District (CO)

Zenisha Gibson in Andrea Beard’s District (CO)

Susan Hamilton in Andrea Beard’s District (CO)

Stephanie Radke in Sunshine Williams District (CO)

Rocio Borjas in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Karen Cavender in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Garrett Irons in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO)

Jamie Davis in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO)

Rebecca Dolezal in Natasha Gonzaez’s District (CO)

Frany Kinney in Melissa Wood’s District (CO)

Stephanie Jewell in Sara Murray’s District (CO)

Alexis Quintana in Jessica Terrell’s District (CO)

Laura Ferry in Sara Larson’s District (WY)

Kim Richter in Arlene Burgess’ District (CA)

Tori Branson in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Katie Vinther in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Catharine Johnston in Kathy Nichols’ District (CO)

Krystal Murphy in Brenda Baril’s District (CO)

The Partnership of Eldon Petty and Morgan Sharp in Sabine Bezdek’s District (CO)

Sia Lindbloom in Brianna Widen’s District (WA)

Harmony Call in Brianna Widen’s District (WA)

Jessie Fast in Brianna Widen’s District (WA)

Melissa Sturgeon in Heather Dahlgrens District (WA)

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Erin Zanotti
Raven Astrom

Jennie Carmichael
Kelli Trent
Sam Knight

Megan Roegelien

Tiffani Ragan

Amy LeVeck

Sarah Rehm

Erin Geiger

Geneva Farr

Brianna Widen

Heather Dahlgren

Jojo deBeaubien

Aspen Frey

Andrea Beard

Shannon Hare

Jessica Devine

Tiffany Curtice

Barb Barker

Katie Ganderton

Sara Larson

Arlene Burgess

Michelle Cisnero

Melanie Eastridge

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Kelli Helzer

Kelli Trent

Erin Geiger

Lindsay Bauerle

Brianna Widen

Amanda Thayer

Courtney Bauer

Tiffany Weaver

Katie Ganderton

Arlene Burgess

Sabine Bezdek

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Samantha Hale

Amanda Thayer

Arlene Burgess

TRIFECTA Bonus Earners

Tarrah Brandsma

Arlene Burgess

Sales & Sponsoring Superstars!!

Top Region Sales ($)

Thayer Region - $162,718

Brandsma Region - $109,392

Hale Region - $80,301

Top Region Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Brandsma Region - 98

Thayer Region - 93

Hale Region - 84

Top Area Sales ($)

Kelli Trent - $57,283
Lindsay Bauerle - $41,554
Tarrah Brandsma - $39,254
Amanda Thayer - $28,325
Sabine Bezdek - $28,087
Brianna Widen - $27,010
Kelli Helzer - $26,733
Arlene Burgess - $25,584
Tiffany Weaver - $25,222
Katie Ganderton - $22,597

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Lindsay Bauerle - 51
Erin Zanotti - 33
Kelli Trent - 30
Brianna Widen - 25
Sabine Bezdek - 24
Tarrah Brandsma - 22
Katie Ganderton - 22
Erin Geiger - 20
Courtney Bauer - 19
Tiffany Weaver - 17

Top District Sales ($)

(look at these CENTRAL DISTRICTS!!!!)

Kelli Trent - $19,848
Tarrah Brandsma - $18,208
Lindsay Bauerle - $16,192
Erin Geiger - $15,144
Erin Zanotti - $14,517
Brianna Widen - $14,003
Amanda Thayer - $13,362
Courtney Bauer - $11,594
Arlene Burgess - $11,592
Katie Ganderton - $11,576

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Erin Zanotti - 23
Katie Ganderton - 20
Tarrah Brandsma - 19
Erin Geiger - 15
Megan Roegelein - 14
Aspen Frey - 14
Lindsay Bauerle - 13
Brianna Widen - 12
Amy LeVeck - 11
Michelle Cisneros - 11


Set your sights on promoting to Area Manager by September 1st so you can attend this AM/VP Leadership Retreat in VAIL, COLORADO!!! A weekend to remember that will grow you to grow your business to the next level!!

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Who's Joining Us In Wine Country, California???

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Kelli Trent

Amanda Thayer

Courtney Bauer

Tarrah Brandsma

....and several more shooting to earn it in May!!!!

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