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Staff Mini Pack Update 11/20/2015

Scott Sweatshirts...

Scott sweatshirts will be on sale Friday, November 20th in the teacher's lounge for $22! Stop by and purchase one!
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Please Keep the Following Scott Staff Members in your Thoughts and Prayers...

Jenn Burns lost her mother-in-law on Wednesday.

Jeana Williams has pneumonia.

Principal's Pen

Dear Scott Staff,

As you head into these holidays, we want you to know how your students feel about you.

  • She makes me feel happy.
  • My teacher gives great hugs.
  • She taught me how to count to one hundred.
  • I like when she reads to me.
  • I especially like when she tells us stories about her dogs.
  • I love when she lets us do science. I love science.
  • I love art the best.
  • My teacher always makes me laugh.
  • I want my teacher to be my mom.
  • My teacher makes me smarter.
  • My teacher teaches me how to read.
  • My teacher made division easier because she taught me the big 7. And then I taught it to my dad.

Your students love you and so do we!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family. Take care of yourself! Rest!! Relax!! Read a great book! And rejuvenate!

We appreciate you all!

Paige and Leanne

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Take time to invest in yourself!

Scott Staff having fun at Safety Town!

Happy Birthday to Avery Coleman! Two years old!

Staff Vacation Photos Needed

Please email Paige or Leanne with photos from your upcoming holiday break. We would like to include these in future mini packs. We can't wait to see where you go and what you do!

Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT to Carol Davis! She has opened up her 3rd grade math tutoring to her entire grade-level! Thank you, Carol!
  • Mini Pack Shout Out to Connie Bisby! One of our favorite kiddos told her, "I want you to be my mom!" there a nicer compliment?
  • A Big Howl to all the grade-levels for posting their SMART Goals! So proud!!
  • Way to go Melissa Matthews, Sara Anderson, and Kristi Taylor for helping kindergarten out with their WIN time! Shared accountability! We love our team!
  • A BIG HOWL to Jenny Clemens who is now finished with GRAD school! What!? What?!
  • Big HOLLER to Jennifer Foster for the Lost & Found makeover she provided Scott. Awesome!!!
  • Shout OUT to the Sunshine Committee for organizing an AMAZING Thanksgiving Luncheon. Yummy and fattening!! (Leanne personally ate enough dessert for 4!)
  • A Big Howl to Kinder for organizing a great Turkey Parade. Those floats were so cute!!
  • Shout Out to Stephanie McCracken for decorating the office with holiday cheer! We love you.
  • A Big Holler to Kathy Stroud for making our multiplying printer machines finally disappear!
  • Shout Out to our 4th grade teachers for helping Jenny Clemens out so much when she was out sick. What incredible teamwork!!!

Spencer and Sophia doing a marble run! Wow!!! Home-school connection!

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