Geek news (431 b.c)

Spartans are here! War has begun.

Did you hear about the bloody war?

So we all know about the chaos that has been going on between the spartans and the athenians. That big war by sea thats been going on for years. Now we all also know that the athenians had been having the lead due to the stronger army they have. But let me ell you that the spartans are not dumn.. They came up with a new strategy, they decided to hit by land! For the first time in history! With about 2,000 soldiers by sea to distract the athenans from the spartan’s wicked plan, they had 20,000 soldiers in land ready to hit! They came with everything they had! But what a cruel way to do it. Yesterday at around 7 p.m the spartans came to Athenian terriotory and destroyed everything! Homes of innocent people, churches, schools and more.There was nothing but ruins left of the Athenian territory. Everything was gone. You couldn’t even walk without stepping on the ruin of a house, church, school or sometimes even body parts. That’s the ugly truth. They did it to try to get revenge with the athenians. But was a cruel way to do it. They not only destroyed property but they also took innocent lives.. the athenians had 0 domination over this war for the 1st time. We all know the Spartans were known for being the losers or the laugh of his war. But now we cant talk bad about them because they have absolute power. So hide your kids hide your wife because this is going to be one heck of a ride! Athenians as a result of this bloody cruel and violent war, lost everything they were known for. Such as territory, per and riches. Find out more in today's article, witnesses, everything you need to know about sports and everything else
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Eye witness, saw it all!

Marc Jenouski SAW EVERYTHING. Marc says he was sitting down in a rock outside his house when he saw a crowd of men coming in horses and with shields and swords. They came in very agressiveley. Before the spartans saw him, he decided to get inside of his house before anything happened to him. He sat back and watched as the spartans destroyed homes and murdered innocent people.

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Ancient olympics! Coming soon.

Now this is something we have all been impatiently waiting for. What will happen in this years olympics? Will rome take the throne home like they did a decade ago? Or will it be greece or egypt? these sports will all be played, so make sure you get your ticket to watch your favorite team win!

Chariot racing: There were both 2-horse chariot and 4-horse chariot races, with separate races for chariots drawn by foals. Another race was between carts drawn by a team of 2 mules. The course was 12 laps around the stadium track (9 miles).

Pankration: This event was a grueling combination of boxing and wrestling. Punches were allowed, although the fighters did not wrap their hands with the boxing himantes.

Running: There were 4 types of races at Olympia. The stadion was the oldest event of the Games. Runners sprinted for 1 stade or the length of the stadium. The other races were a 2-stade race, and a long-distance run which ranged from 7 to 24 stades.

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