PERCHasing some Knowledge



In this digital Lab, we will be given the opportunity to observe the placement of organs and their relationships to one another. The systems that are identified are the endocrine and the circulatory, but in this case we will be focusing on the circulatory system.
Bony Fish (Perch) Anatomy

Just doing their thing

A perch's ecological role is to be as secondary consumer. They are carnivores, so they are definitely not first level consumers. The perch is also not onto of the food chain therefore that leaves them to be somewhere in the third of fourth trophic level. Many ecological adaptations have come upon the perch which has allowed it to become such an invasive species. Something that benefits it immensely is that it can live in almost any water condition, from eutrophic (has many nutrients in it) water to turbid (has many dirt particles) water. They can filter out zoo-plankton with their gills, and they have special teeth that allows them to be able to eat other fish with ease.

Something Fishy is going on

The perch is being over fished in many areas, while in other areas they are a risk because they are an invasive species. An example would be the Nile Perch. It was carnivorous so it ate many of the native fish population, therefore deeming itself as an invasive species. Our water system is also encouraging native fish species to die out, because they are not use to such harsh living conditions as the perch is.
South Dakota Double Header - Perch & Crappie - In-Depth Outdoors TV Season 8, Episode 4