Friday coffee chat!

Friday May 1, 2015

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What an April!! Our Golden Gems were gleaming all month as we sold nearly $80,000 together! Did you have fun? I know that I did!! I am off to Punta Cana with 2 of our awesome stylists, Leslie Saunders and Pam Meester. Along with all the Glam getaway earners we are excited to rest, relax and be inspired by one another. Who's coming with us to JAMAICA next year??? SO much time to go for it! Let's make a plan!!!

I am so pumped! We welcomed 18 NEW stylists in April, 3 promotions, 38 QUALIFIED stylists and 6 of you earned your Fall Sample Coupon by selling over $2000 already (and you have all quarter to accomplish this goal)!!! Talk about amazing!!!! WOW!

I have a feeling MAY is going to be even BETTER! No more cold weather...all sun, smiles and SUCCESS coming our way!!!

Cheers to a FAB Friday!!!

XO Gina

Lots of contests happened this past week. And the winners are....

48 hours, 48 pieces sold for $48!!

48 hour flash challenge winner is ...

Ladies you crushed it!!! We blew threw selling 48 pieces and almost reached another 48!

Reaching out helped you reach your goals! Congrats! The $48 (in either cash or product credit) goes to one of our Canadians, Stacey Floris of South Berwick, Nova Scotia! Yeah Stacey! Let me know what you want :)

Congrats to those who qualified in April!

You are one third of the way to earning Stella & Dot’s Consistency Bonus! Sell $500 pqv for every month in the quarter (April and May and June) and be gifted $100 in product credit in July!

I also promised a raffle of $50 in PRODUCT credit to one Lucky Lady. As you saw from last week’s newsletter, you received 1 raffle for every 500 that you sold in April. Here is how many raffle tickets that our team members have earned so far!

Nandini Collins 14

Pamela Meester 10

Dana Fellows 8

Angie Dorey 7

Gail Cushing 6

Samantha Jacoby 5

Samantha Dorf 5

Elizabeth Haggie 5

Carolyn Fragasso 4

Michele Brennan 4

Ashley Martz 3

Stacey Floris 3

Denise Daunt 3

Leslie Saunders 2

Florence Vitale 2

Lassie Pappas 2

Dana Rapaport 2

Tamar Jardinella 2

Deya Warren 2

Patti Lundrigan 2

Dana Yodice 1

Danielle Hettinger 1

Kathleen Landis 1

Leslie Francis 1

Jennifer LaGrasso 1

Patricia Cardina 1

Jennifer Spurrell 1

Erin Smith 1

Katina Byram 1

Meagan Apple 1

Ellen Harrison 1

Melanie Fink 1

Nicole Dilger 1

Jillian Wells 1

Stephanie Couch 1

Natalie DeLaurentis 1

Michelle Zorrilla 1

The lucky winner is DEYA WARREN!! Woo-hoo Deya!! Let me know what you would like with this $50 in PC! :)


A warm welcome to the following ladies to more ladies who have joined in April and are enjoying our Sign Up Special!

And virtual yellow balloons go out their sponsors!

Your upline Sponsor will be bringing you through New Stylist training, but feel free to check out the below New Stylist training call-- which is also offered to everyone on our team!

Rebecca Slesser

Pam Meester

Gina Bogda

Nicole Dilger

Angie Dorey

Balloons are given as tokens and symbols of celebration and accomplishment! Enjoy this virtual balloon as a celebration for sponsoring our newest team members! The color YELLOW is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy, which represents so many of the feelings when we become a new stylist and when we mentor new stylists! It is also the color of friendship. Yellow is luminous, just like our other favorite color-- gold!

With SOO many new gals on our team...

--- we want to make sure that you are starting off strong with your new business! Let’s make back your investment, earn you a profit and unlock your Jump Start reward credits in MAY! I joined 5 years ago on April 24 and launched my business 6 days later. Less thinking and more doing. It’s jewelry, right!! A quick check list for you to work on while I am away:

  1. Order your 1st round of samples within the first 7 days!
  2. Start writing down your WHO DO YOU KNOW list! List all of your social circles and brainstorm EVERYONE you know.
  3. Announce your business to these folks above and figure out WHO from this list you are going to ask to be your DEBUT hostesses.
  4. Start digging through our online training in our Stella & Dot University (aka SDU)

New Stylist Training call

Additionally, every Monday night, a Director within the Gemstone's team leads a New Stylist training call! This is a great addition to the New stylist training that your sponsor will conduct withyou! Anyone is welcome to dial in! Details below!
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Weekly Gemstone Tips from the Top Training Call

Stella & Dot's Home office provides oodles of training opportunities for everyone! As a bonus, the Gemstone team provides many sources of extra training and inspiration for us all to benefit.

Our Gemstone Team also provides ALL GEMSTONE ALL STYLIST Weekly call! Dial in for a good dose of weekly inspiration and focused topics. Here are the details for this Monday night's call. Please join Diamond Director, Tysh Mefferd this Monday for our weekly "tips from the top" training call.

You won't want to miss this week's call --Tysh will be sharing her TRUNK SHOW TIPS FOR SUCCESS!!

Tysh has built her business around strong, in-person trunk shows, and will tell you that hostess coaching and customer service has been the bread and butter of her career. She will share her tips, and then open the line up for questions!

Join this call -- you will thank yourself later!! ♥

Join us:
Monday, May 4th @ 6pm PT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET

Call Number: (605) 562-3140
Meeting ID/PIN: 624396

Call will be recorded and we will upload the recording after the call!

Facebook link:


I will be back from the Glam Getaway trip very late Tuesday night and will be excited to share with you all of the inspiration that I bring back with me!

I also plan offer a NEW STYLIST training series in May—open Q&A conference calls and Facebook chats-- for new and seasoned stylists!! Stay tuned for the schedule to be announced once I get back from my trip!


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Top in Number of New Stylists welcomes to our team!

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