• In the experiment it is basically the determining how different solutes effetcs distilled water.
  • The purpose of the experiemnt is to find the difference is osmosis (the movement of water). The experiment can also teach someone team work, critical thinking, and step-by-step processes.
  • During the lab experiment we noticed the different variables. The dependent variables is the mass of the water put in each dialysis tubing. The independent variables is the amount of drink we put in each cup. The controls in the lab would be the cup, the amount of drink, and the amount of solutes.


- If we sit water in 3 different solutes then the mass will decrease


The Experiment!


  1. Pour 500 mL of dialysis in a breaker. Place 3 tubes in the dialysis. (sit for 30 min.)
  2. Take the tubes out, fill each tube with 20 mL of distilled water.
  3. Close the tube with string on both ends.
  4. Weight each tube. Record.
  5. Grab 3 beakers. Fill one the 200 mL of water, one with 200 mL of clear soda, the other with 200 mL of original cola.
  6. Sit over night.
  7. Weight. Record.


Data Sheet

This link includes the data the was recorded before and after the experiment, so you can see the difference in osmosis.


If i was to sit water in 3 different solutes the mass will decrease. The hyopthesis was only right for 2 of my tubes. Both clear soda and original soad decreased in mass, whoch ment water going out (hypertonic). While the drinking water increased, which ment water coming in ( hypotonic). The dialysis the tubing was placed in could have something to do with the reactions in the osmosis, nut i was satisfied with the result.