How To Join The FBI

By: Zac Childers

Requirement 1

The first requirement in being able to join the FBI is if you are born a U.S. citizen and must have a valid U.S. drivers license . You must be a U.S. citizen so that the Federal Bureau of Investigation knows that you will remain loyal to The United States in your service as an agent.

Requirement 2

The second requirement is an age requirement. The age requirement to be eligible to join the FBI is 23 years old but, you also must be younger than the age of 37 at the time of assignment.

Requirement 3

The third requirement pertains to past college and work performance. Just to be eligible to join the FBI you must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university or college. You must also must have three years of professional work experience.

Requirement 4

Next the bureau tests your knowledge. You will then take an exam too see if you're in fact smart enough to be an agent. The exam includes an essay and questions that judge your decision making skills. The tests you undergo will also play a huge role in what your career may be as an agent of the bureau.

The FBI Academy

If you meet all the requirements you will start training at the FBI Academy. The FBI Academy is a 20 week training program that teaches you all the techniques you will need as an agent of the bureau. The training includes firearms training, physical training, cyber fraud training, counter-terrorism training, and many more courses. Before the end of the 20 week program they will run simulations to see if you are applying the skills you've learned correctly and effectively.

After The Academy

After you graduate from the FBI Academy you will go through field guidance. Field guidance is a three year process of traveling around on many different assignments with an assigned mentor. The Field Guidance program allows the new agents to learn how the investigation process takes place. It's also teaching the new agents things the bureau never taught them in the academy. Once the three years are over you're now an official agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once you're a member of the bureau you are always on call. Being always on call means living in Washington D.C. or close enough to be available at anytime of the day or night rain or shine.