Astronomy Portfolio

By Alexandra Dalton

The search for alien life & other knowledge out there

“British scientists claim they have proof of alien life after a balloon they launched into space returned with organisms that did not come from Earth.”

“UFO investigators are claiming 2016 will shine new light on allegations Mars has hosted intelligent life amid claims a mammal-like bone and an alien claw have been seen on the surface of the Red Planet.”

“Called K2, the revamped mission has already found more than 100 confirmed planets, the University of Arizona’s Ian Crossfield announced Tuesday at a conference of the American Astronomical Society.”

In this detailed investigation we delve into all of the details to discover whether we could possibly reach out to extraterrestrial life and if it even exists in our lifetime.

Editor position duties

Along with my own info I hope to add in the IBook, Rachel and I have volunteered to be editors for the IBook. This role includes grammar and plagarism checks, making sure content is up to date and well displayed as well as meticulous conversations with writers to make sure they are providing the best content they possibly can. Despite this seeming like an easy role, it's can get pretty tedious.
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