2/28/2020 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 25th Ed.


"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

~ Vidal Sassoon


In March.....

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let's come in like a lion!!


Oath of Enlistment from Space

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On Wednesday, BHS Seniors Jacob Kennedy and Kolby Jistel participated in their Oath of Enlistment to the US Army. Colonel Andrew Morgan conducted their swearing in from the International Space Station (you can see him in the top window on the TV). Over 1000 Army enlistees participated in this virtual Oath of Enlistment.

I was honored to get to watch and also admit that I teared up when the gentlemen were taking their oath!


What Does the 'Backwards Brain Bike' Have to do with Me??

Take this short quiz prior to watching the video.

  • T or F - Knowledge equals understanding.
  • T or F - A rigid way of thinking cannot be changed.
  • T or F - We look at the world with a bias.

Any answers you would like to reconsider?

  • How can this relate to you as a teacher, coach, instructional aide, administrative assistant, administrator, custodian, transportation, maintenance or child nutrition employee?

  • How could you use this with your students?


Technology TIP

Creating a Passphrase

As a cyber criminal's skills evolve, so too must our passwords. Experts are putting an emphasis on creating strong passphrases to keep accounts as secure as possible. A passphrase is designed to be much harder for a cyber criminal to crack.

  • Try merging four unconnected words to create a strong passphrase.
  • You can even add numbers between the words.




Winners have a purpose.

They don't go through the motions. They know what they are trying to accomplish with each task and every class. They are specific.

  • Have you ever noticed people going through the motions?
  • Do your students go through the motions or do they strive for more?

  • How can you get family, peers or students to be specific and strive for more?



3/2 – BHS G /B Soccer @ Home – 5:30 / 7:15

3/3 – BHS One Act Play District Competition – 10:30

3/3 – BHS Sounds of Spring Pre-UIL Bank Competition

3/3 – LHR Track Meet @ Van Alstyne – 4:00

3/3 – BHS Baseball @ Home – 6:00

3/4 - BHS One Act Play District Competition

3/5 – BHS Tennis @ Princeton

3/5 – BHS Baseball Tournament @ Home

3/5 – BHS Softball Tournament @ Boyd & Bowie

3/5 – BHS Track Meet @ Van Alstyne – 4:00

3/6 – BHS Tennis @ Princeton

3/6 – BHS Baseball Tournament @ Home

3/6 – BHS Softball Tournament @ Boyd & Bowie

3/6 – BHS G / B Soccer @ Celina 0 5:30 / 7:15

3/7 – BHS G Regional Powerlifting Meet @ Chico – 9 AM

3/7 – BHS Baseball Tournament @ Home

3/7 – BHS Softball Tournament @ Boyd & Bowie


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