Walt Disney

Seeing who Walt Disney really was

Walt Disney's young years

Walter Elias Disney was born On december 5th, 1901 in Chicago. He was the fourth son of Flora and Elias disney, his parents. Then when he was only two years old his sister Ruth was born. Then in 1906 they moved to Marceline Missouri and that is where his remembered childhood began. Well Walt was a child sometimes he would put his ear to the track, of the train hoping that it will bring his uncle back home. Walt and his family lived on a 45 acre farm which meant that everyone had to take care of all the animals. However in 1910 the Disneys moved to Kansas City, but this was no quite farm town it was a bustling city at this time. To support the family Walt and Roy had to deliver the morning and evening papers since his dad Elias became the distributor of the city's newspapers. Since Walt and Roy were helping out so much it supported the family financially.

Walt Disney figuring out his carrer

Walt Disney thought that his career was gonna be an actor but it didn't end up that way. After performing a small skit with his friend and his friends father on the stage he realized thats not what he wanted to do. He realized he wanted to be a carton artist. Walt loved the idea of entertaining people and making people smile. He then started his own company called Disney and this lead to a very successful career

The multi millionaire Walt

Walt Disney became a Multi Millionaire after being very successful in his career. With all of this money Walt created Disney land which people still love and go to till this day. He also created Disney world later on. Before, Disney world opened Walt Disney sadly passed away of old age on December 15, in 1966 . And this name Walt Elias DIsney will never be forgotten.