Finals Question

By Logi Bear

Demeter and Persephone

A) Nothing prospered, nothing grew. The cattle died, the seed would not come up, men and oxen toiled in vain. There was too much sun. There was too much rain. Thistles and weeds were the only thing that grew. It seemed that mankind would die of hunger.

B) Humankind suffered as one individuals impulses because many people, plants, and animals, died. People were angry at Demeter for killing everything because her daughter was missing even though it wasn't their fault.

C) If someone does a terrible thing it can affect the whole community. Like a death, everyone could know that person then that person is gone, and it affects everyone. As in this case nobody's crops were grown and all the animals died.

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Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihautl

A) The Emperors decision was probably better for the community because he didn't want to leave the kingdom behind to a bad or uncaring person. But I think he should have let his daughter have a little more freedom to speak for herself but, in general was probably better choice.

B) It is important to fill the needs of the entire community than just one person. The Emperor wanted for there to be more than just one person happy.

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Sun and Moon in a Box

A) If Coyote wasn't so selfish and non-caring he would have listened to what Eagle said. He wouldn't of been so curious of what was in the box. The world would still have summer all the time. We wouldn't have winter.

B) The blame could go either way because Coyote was the one who did it but, Eagle knew he was gonna do it. Then again, Coyote swore that he wouldn't do it no matter what so, I say the blame is on Coyote.

C) The folk tale imply's how on person's choice can affect the whole community no matter how hard you try to earn that mistake back.

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