By: Ashley S. & Teyana K.

Properties of Magnets

  1. attracts iron/materials with iron
  2. attract or repel other magnets
  3. point north when they swing freely

Magnetic Poles

There are two types of poles: north and south. Unlike poles attract (north to south, south to north) and alike poles repel (north to north, south to south).

Magnetic Force

2 types of force are repulsion and attraction. Magnetic force is related to magnetic poles because they can force together or push apart.

Magnetic Domains

When an item is not magnetized, the atoms in it point in random directions. When an item is magnetized the atoms in it point the same direction.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are the area of magnetic force around a magnet. Distance is determined between magnetic field lines which indicate the strength of a magnetic field. For example, strongest field=close lines, weak field=far apart lines.